Niacinamide Serum: tongue-twister, yet gentle skincare-hero
Niaci-what now? When our product developer, Monika, first announced the production of the new Niacinamide Serum to the team, I stumbled over the pronunciation at first. Then after the product training a few months later, the many benefits of this...
Summer, Sun, Social Anxiety
By now it seems pretty obvious: summer is here to stay. At least for a while. Temperatures are rising, incidence rates are dropping, restaurants and bars are opening, friends and families are allowed to reunite. It feels like we can...
3 years of JUNGLÜCK - milestones, hurdles and a glimpse into the future
We turn 3! Content Manager Lena took this opportunity to look back on the past years with founder and owner Benedikt: On the beginnings, the milestones and how he has managed to establish a company that operates sustainably and has stuck to the core values during the growth of the last years.
Hair care - 5 tips for healthy hair
Curly, straight, fine, frizzy, colored or wild - we love diversity! We collected valuable insights for healthy hair so that you exactly know which treatment is best for your hair.  Hair care - the structure of the hair Hair care -...
Rosehip Seed Oil: Multi-effective helper
Our all-rounder: The Rosehip Seed Oil. But why is it so good for our skin and which skin types benefit the most from its many valuable ingredients. Find out here...
Our Squalane – Squa-what? 6 reasons why you should know about it
Weird name, but it could be just what your skin needs! Find out why especially oily, impure and sensitive skin benefit from out new Squalane...
Skin types and conditions - What's the difference?
In this article, you will learn exactly what the difference is between the two very similar-sounding terms and how this knowledge can help you with your skin care.
Vegan cosmetics - 5 reasons for plant-based care
Why is it worth using vegan cosmetics and what makes them so special? Find out here.
Mature skin from 25 - Four basic rules of skin aging
At around 25, skin aging begins.  Sometimes more, sometimes less quickly, depending on genetic predisposition. Nevertheless, prevention is the key to success. Because once skin damage has occurred, it becomes more difficult to counteract it with simple means. The skin's...
Our BHA peeling - effect, application and benefits of salicylic acid
In this article, you will learn how salicylic acid affects our skin, what benefits it brings if a BHA peeling is right for your skin.
A glimpse behind the scenes - our production
Follow us behind the scenes of our production and learn how our baby care line was bottled.
The right order - Layering
What is the principle behind the JUNGLÜCK products? And what does layering mean in cosmetics?
Planting trees with Eden Reforestation Project
We plant a tree for every product sold. How? Learn more here.