A glimpse behind the scenes - our production

A glimpse behind the scenes - our production

We visited our production

Every day we share insights about our products, describe the ingredients and modes of action, and give you tips on how to use them. But what does it look like behind the scenes? From now on, we will give you more insight into the production and sourcing of raw materials. Last summer, our founder Benedikt, Supply Chain and Operations Manager Ann-Kathrin, and Social Media Manager Marie visited the bottling plant of our baby care line. They had a look at the machines and bottling lines and got a guided tour through the factory. Of course, under the strictest hygiene regulations - from protective suits and hair bonnets to mouth guards. Especially for Marie as a social media manager, it was super exciting to be there behind the scenes and to follow the product developers and production employees discussing with technical vocabulary. 

Benedikt (Founder and CEO) and Ann-Kathrin (Supply Chain and Operations Manager) at the production of our baby products

We produce in Germany

As you know, we produce all our products in Germany. However, we source some of the raw materials from around the world, as not all of them grow here. For instance, aloe vera is sourced from controlled organic cultivation in Mexico. To give you a better and more transparent insight, we have listed the respective ingredients plus plain text for each product in the shop. There you will also find the exact organic and natural content of the ingredients. Nevertheless, it is our highest priority to source them as regionally and sustainably as possible. For our rose water, for example, we use Damask rose from controlled organic cultivation in Bulgaria. 

We consider our raw materials

Our core criteria when deciding on the procurement of raw materials are their sustainability and certification. In other words, we look for the lowest possible water consumption and sustainable processing of the raw materials. For our baby care line, we also made sure that we do not use any raw materials that are produced based on palm oil. The solid products, the Hyaluron Night Cream, the Body Lotion, the AHA Peeling, the Aloe Vera Gel, and the Aloe Vera Spray as well as the Rose Water are also palm oil-free. For the other products, we use RSPO certified palm oil. This palm oil certificate was created in 2011 by the WWF to make palm oil production more sustainable. By the way, RSPO stands for "Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil". You can still find this palm oil in some of our products because it is omnipresent on the raw materials market and at the beginning, we were very dependent on certain raw materials being available in certain quantities. However, we are in the process of gradually converting the products in question. It's important to have in mind, that other oils are not always better than palm oil. After all, they are less fruitful than the oil palm. The problem is rather the amount of vegetable oil that is generally used. Because of this and the adverse cultivation conditions, palm oil has fallen particularly into disrepute.

Benedikt at the packaging of our baby oil

We get our own lab

But let's go back to production. Here, all the ingredients come together and get mixed. In the pictures, you can see the baby products being filled. The printed glass bottles go through the bottling process and are packed into the folding boxes and stacked on pallets. A small part of the bottled products then makes its way to our laboratory for final acceptance. By the way, we have some exciting news to share with you. We are currently building our own laboratory together with our product developer Monika. This way, we will soon have the opportunity to give you even more insights into the development, to take you along, and even let you test products yourself. We are super excited to be able to integrate you even more and let you participate in the product development.

At last, the products get sent to our warehouse, from where they make their way to your home. 

More insights to follow! Until then, we will of course answer all your questions in the comments below the article, by email or via social media @junglueck_en

Yours, Sabrina

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