The right order - Layering

The right order - Layering

Our skin reveals a new side of itself to us every day. It gives us a glimpse of how we are feeling on your inside and, above all, protects us from daily challenges. Many different skin demands and many unanswered questions - Which skincare product is truly appropriate for me?  

Skin care is a process - At JUNGLÜCK we have taken this sentence to heart! That's why we've developed a range that can be the right skincare for everyone by simply "mix & match" our products! How it works and how you can create your perfect routine, is what I would like to explain to you...

In this post you will learn...

1 The idea behind JUNGLÜCK - rethinking starts with you!

2 The principle: Layering!

3 Layering: Step by Step

4 The active ingredient puzzle - Dos and Don'ts

5 Everything at a glance

1 The idea behind JUNGLÜCK – rethinking starts with you! 

Sustainability. We strive to create  cosmetics that help your skin in the long term. In other words, sustainable. Products that give you a good feeling every day and that reliably respond to your individual needs. But we also focus on "sustainable consumption". Consumption that can generate a benefit not only for each individual, but for all of us.  

Transparency. Junglück is more than just cosmetics. We want to sharpen your knowledge of ingredients and refresh your understanding of chemistry. We want you to get to know your skin so that you can treat it with care. For this purpose, we want to be as transparent as possible for you. So that you know exactly what you are buying and why it is good for your skin. That every ingredient has its justification. A look behind the scenes!

Social responsibility. Because every company bears responsibility. It's so important to look beyond the edge of the cosmetics jar and recognize what impact our own actions are having. Which issues are relevant and how we, as JUNGLÜCK, can also make a positive contribution outside our immediate field of activity.

2 The principle: Layering! 

Or in English: layers, layers, layers. But what does layering actually mean in cosmetics? This special care principle originated in Japan/Asia. In general, it is about the targeted and individual combination of pure caring products. In this way, the ingredients can complement each other optimally and their effects can be sensibly enhanced. It promises that you can react perfectly to external influences such as weather, cold and sun. According to the principle of actio-reactio, you can adapt your care individually.

There are a few principles that help to better understand layering and cosmetics in general, so this principle can also work for you. Imagine a few drops of oil in water. You can clearly see that these two substances do not blend together, but are in separate phases.

It is the same in cosmetics. There are hydrophilic (water-loving) products that have water as their base. These include creams, serums, gels and lotions. And these are opposed by lipophilic (fat-loving) products. They logically have a fat-containing base and these include oils, balms and creams in which the water content is very low. If you "mix" these two types of products on your skin at the same time, two phases will settle and you may get an unattractive crumb effect. You will find out how to avoid this in a moment.

The next basic point, which we unfortunately often lack in everyday life: time. Applying many thin layers, slowly and carefully working in the care and giving it enough time to take effect. All this takes time. But individual steps in the right order are the key to healthy and balanced skin. It sounds complicated at first, but in the end it is not. Your skin will appreciate it!

3 Layering - Step by Step

Step 1 Cleansing

In order to create access for valuable active ingredients, the gates of your pored must first be opened. The Oil Cleansing Method is ideally for this. It uses a gentle cleansing oil to thoroughly remove make-up, deposits and other dirt from your skin. The beauty of it is that the oil is very gentle and doesn't touch your skin's protective acid mantle. This way your skin won't be irritated.


To soothe and cleanse your skin even more, you can use a toner afterwards. So be doubly sure! Our rose water or aloe vera spray are perfect for this. The cool mist of both sprays gently lays on your skin, refreshes & soothes it and provides the perfect finish to your cleansing.

Step 2 Serum and concentrate

Now your skin is ready to absorb something new. Time for regeneration. This is where serums become important. With a high concentration of active ingredients and light, mostly liquid to gel-like textures, they soak deep into the skin and can unfold their intensive effect. With JUNGLÜCK you have the choice between: 

Hyaluron Concentrate: Intensive moisture thanks to the balanced mix of hyaluronic acids. 

Vitamin C Serum: Antioxidant, cares for blemishes, acne, pigmentation spots & wrinkles

Retinol Serum: Antioxidant, perfect care for wrinkles, pigment spots and sagging cheeks

AHA Peeling: Removes old skin flakes, reveals radiant skin

Aloe Vera Gel: Ultimate moisture boost especially for sensitive skin 

Just one pump or a few drops from the pipette are enough to supply your entire face with serum or concentrate. You can also use several serums in a row. The important thing is that you give your skin enough time to absorb the active ingredients. This way, you avoid leaving an unpleasant film on your skin or the product dissolving again.

Step 3 Eye care

While the serum is being absorbed, you can focus on the eye area. The skin is very sensitive and thin here, so taking special care of it is great. We all strive for an awake look and a rejuvenated complexion! The JUNGLÜCK eye cream achieves this through the targeted combination of caffeine, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. For a stunning eyelash look, you can then apply our natural eyelash serum to the upper eyelid! Et voilà! 

Step 4 Cream

And the last step: tuning. Curtain up for the thicker facial care. Every skin reacts individually, so you should decide for yourself which level of moisture and richness is right for you. For example, our light Hyaluron Day Cream. It is quickly absorbed and is wonderfully suitable as a make-up base. If you feel tight during the day, the somewhat richer Hyaluron Night Cream may be more suitable.

Another option for the evening care routine would be our Retinol Cream. Its proportion of vitamin A is adjusted in that way that it can also be combined with the Retinol Serum.

Step 5 Oils

If your skin is comfortable with oils, you can also use them as an additional step after using a cream. We have argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and castor oil in our range.

Step 6 For the day: sunscreen!

In the morning, however, the sunscreen should always be the closing layer. Because as the name suggests, it forms a protective coat for our skin and should be on top of the layers. Make sure to use a sufficient amount (ring finger tip for the face) and always refresh the protection.

For the ultimate care, you could apply a mask 1-2 times a week. Mix the hyaluron night cream with some aloe vera gel or your favorite oil and apply generously to your face. Let it absorb well and gently remove any cream residue.

Basically, the following guiding principles apply to your care routine: From thin to thick! And equal is best dissolved in equal! If you keep these sentences in mind, you can integrate any product into your routine in the perfect order.

4 The active ingredient puzzle – Dos und Dont's

Can I combine the active ingredients freely, or is there something I should be conscious of?

Basically, a little caution is advised with vitamin C, retinol/vitamin A, AHA and BHA. These substances influence the pH value of the skin and can therefore easily stress or irritate it. However, we use active ingredient derivatives that are also stable in a less acidic environment and are therefore particularly gentle on the skin.

When using these three ingredients at the same time, however, I would advise you to try the combination on a small area of skin and see how you react to it. With all three, your skin should be accustomed slowly. First, 2-3 times a week and then slowly increase the intensity. Retinol, AHA and BHA should preferably be used in the evening, as these ingredients need some time to develop their full effect. Plus, they make the skin more sensitive to light. Sun protection of at least LFS 30 is therefore indispensable after use.

Another important question: Is it better if all products are from the same brand?

In this regard, I can say that products from the same manufacturer are usually similar in terms of excipients, emulsifiers, etc. and are thus more precisely aligned with each other. In addition, one brand often uses the same active ingredient derivatives and therefore incompatibilities can be determined more transparently.

5 Everything at a glance

Facial cleansing:
Cleansing Oil, Rose Water

Long-lasting moisture:
Rose Water, Aloe Vera Spray und Gel

Active ingredients:
Hyaluron Concentrate, Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serum, AHA Peeling, BHA Peeling

Hyaluron Day Cream, Hyaluron Night Cream, Retinol Cream, Öle

Eye care:
Eye Cream, Wimpernserum

Sun Cream SPF 30


Do I actually need all of this? Only you can give a suitable answer to this question. Because you know yourself and your skin best. The layering principle is only a framework to support you. How you ultimately establish your routine is your choice. And that's the beauty of it. It almost can' t get any more individual than that.

If you need any more suggestions and advice, feel free to contact us at or send us a DM on Instagram

Take time for yourself & be good to yourself :)! 

Yours, Sabrina

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