Mature skin from 25 - Four basic rules of skin aging

Mature skin from 25 - Four basic rules of skin aging

At around 25, skin aging begins.  Sometimes more, sometimes less quickly, depending on genetic predisposition. Nevertheless, prevention is the key to success. Because once skin damage has occurred, it becomes more difficult to counteract it with simple means.

The skin's biggest enemies are UV rays and free radicals. Both destroy the skin's framework and cause important elements such as elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid to dwindle. The skin becomes thinner with age and the number of sweat and sebaceous glands also decreases. The hydrolipid layer can no longer perform its protective function. Sagging, dry skin with low elasticity, resilience and resistance are the result. The skin can be damaged more easily, irritations and inflammations occur.

Due to UV radiation (so-called photoaging), wrinkles and pigment spots become deeper and deeper. Not to mention skin cancer. To avoid this progressive process of skin aging, there are various tips and tricks that we should best take up as early as possible (i.e. from around 25 years of age). Since every skin is different, it is essential to know its condition and requirements precisely. Therefore, a classification into anti-aging products from 30, from 40, from 50 etc. should be considered with caution.The needs of the skin are not always related to age.

Dry, oily skin that tends to wrinkle easily is characteristic of the term "mature skin" and thus is also predestined for anti-aging care. However, this can appear for one person at 30, while for another it does not start until the mid-40s. Therefore, there are rather general principles to fight against the process of skin aging!

The four basic rules for the care of mature (turning) skin are:

1. UV protection
2. antioxidants Vitamin C and E
3. moisture hyaluronic acid/ceramides
4. regeneration vitamin A/retinol

The sooner we start, the better! (Prevention is easier than "treatment").

The most important thing is UV protection. No matter how old you are! Daily in the morning and ideally 1-2 times a day! Not only in summer but always, from a UV index of 3! (You can find out on the Internet which UV index is currently in effect).

Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and thus from the destruction of the skin structure. Instead of attacking the skin's  building blocks, the free radicals can join forces with the antioxidants and thus "leave the skin alone"! Also, Vitamin C and E are very potent and are excellent for protection. We recommend our mild vitamin c serum for this purpose. To make it more tolerable, we have deliberately chosen a derivative of vitamin C. It is only converted into its effective form in the skin through biochemical processes. 

As the skin barrier weakens with age and the production of moisture-binding elements in the skin decreases (e.g. hyaluronic acid), the skin continuously loses moisture. This leads to sagging skin and a sallow tone. Care with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, or ceramides helps the skin to store moisture better, tightens it, and makes it radiant. Our hyaluron concentrate is based on aloe vera and thus provides the skin with optimal moisture right down to the depths. For more richness, the hyaluron day cream and night cream are a good addition. 

Retinol, the all-round talent, is also an absolute classic and an indispensable part of anti-aging care. Retinol is the most active form of the vitamin A group of substances for external use. It reverses our skin aging process. Collagen degradation is reduced, sebum production is regulated and cell regeneration is stimulated. Retinol also acts as an antioxidant against free radicals! Depending on the skin type, we recommend the retinol serum or the retinol cream. Retinol is a "commitment for life", as it requires regular and continuous use to achieve the best results.

And one thing is clear: there is no such thing as the ONE miracle cure.What is important is the combination of various well-chosen active ingredients and products. Of course, good sleep, drinking plenty of water, a balanced diet, and exercise in the fresh air also play a major role in how healthy and radiant our skin is.

Feeling good in your own body, accepting yourself and also radiating this love is my little additional secret tip!

Take Care! 



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