Our Squalane – Squa-what? 6 reasons why you should know about it

Our Squalane – Squa-what? 6 reasons why you should know about it

Squalane. Weird name, but it is a truly valuable addition to your daily skin and even hair care routine. In this article, you’ll find out why we decided to make it a part of our product family, how we source it, how you benefit from it, and how you best integrate this new fav into your routine.

  1. Squalane – What is all the fuss about?
  2. 6 Reasons why you should know Squalane
  3. How you integrate Squalane into your routine
  4. Squalane – More than skincare

Squalane – What is all the fuss about?

Before I can clear things up around this weird-sounding oil, I’ll have to make the confusion even greater: In its structure, Squalane is very similar to the Sebum produced by our skin, but the substance that’s a part of our skin’s structure is called Squalene. No typo here! However, since squalene is an unsaturated fatty acid, it is not particularly suitable for use in cosmetics in this form, as it is quite reactive and thus does not have a long shelf life. Squalane on the other hand is more resistant to oxidation, which gives it longer shelf life. So, we don’t have to worry about it going bad and losing the effects of the active substances any time soon after opening the bottle. 15% of our skin already consists of Squalene, which is why the similar, but plant-based Squalane is so suitable for use in skincare. We’ll get to more details on that in a little bit.

The plant-based substance Squalane, or Phytosqualane, is extracted from the vegetable oil residue of olives. Though it is not the same as olive oil. Squalane is transparent, completely odorless, and less greasy, which is why it’s so popular in natural cosmetics – even, or especially for oily skin.

If our JUNGLÜCK product family is not completely new to you, you know we already offer quite a few pure oils: Argan, Almond, Castor, and Jojoba Oil. Squalane fits in perfectly with the others! Our product development manager Monika tells you why: “Our new Squalane: The lightest, quickest absorbed oil of the JUNGLÜCK range. This makes it perfect for oily or blemished skin and for anyone who doesn't like a heavy, oily skin feel. It is the perfect addition to our other natural oils." And by the way, we extract our Squalane straight from 100% Olives from Portugal. So, it is completely plant-based, vegan, and of course free from animal testing, the same as all of our pure oils.

6 Reasons why you should know Squalane

1.It’s a true moisture-booster
Oil as a moisture-booster? Sure thing! If you use squalane for a longer period, it supports the formation of the hydrolipid film on the skin, which is responsible for moisture regulation. When this film is strengthened in its natural function with the help of squalane, transdermal water loss is prevented. In short, the moisture of the skin is in balance and remains right where it should be. Within the skin.

2. Squalane for breakouts, acne, and oily skin
Minus times minus equals plus, that's what we learned in calculus class. In the cosmetics world, however, this rule can certainly be applied just as well. Take squalane as an example. Oily, blemished, or even acne-affected skin can be rebalanced when applied over a longer time. Here's how it works: since squalane is very similar to the skin's sebum, constant use fools our skin into thinking that it has already produced enough oil. This balances out the overproduction and allows the pores to relax a bit. On top of that, the oil moisturizes and is non-comedogenic, i.e. it does not clog pores, which is why impurities and acne can also be treated with squalane.

3. Squalane as a carrier substance
Due to its light texture, it can be easily distributed. Just a few drops are enough for larger areas and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Combined with other active ingredients, squalane simply pulls them along on its way into the deeper layers of the skin, which comes in handy when you’re using Vitamin C or Retinol Serum in your daily routines. The Squalane binds the active ingredients and allows them to soak into the layers of the skin. This way, the skin is moisturized and less irritated by active ingredients, which all those with sensitive skin will love.

4. A Shelf life Champion
While the substance in our skin, Squalene, is super reactive, Squalane is much more robust, which is why it is popular in cosmetics. Its molecular structure is more stable, which prevents it from oxidizing when it comes into contact with air. For us, that’s perfect, because we don’t use artificial preservatives, and our pure Squalane goes a long way on the shelf, or rather in your bathroom cabinet, without any added substances.

5. A true allrounder
Because of its naturally light texture, applying little Squalane goes a long way. You can either use it solo, mix a few drops with your body lotion, Aloe Vera Gel, or other Creams to make add a bit more richness and moisture to your skincare. But that’s not all! Your hair will benefit from the Squalane’s qualities, too! Depending on the length, thickness, and structure of your skin, I recommend using a few drops to half a teaspoon. Gently spread it in your hands and massage into the lengths of your towel wet hair to leave in. My personal tip: For thick, curly hair, mix the Squalane with one or two pumps of Aloe Vera Gel, to give your curls a boost of definition!

6. Sharing is caring: one product for mum and baby
Our squalane is suitable for your skincare during pregnancy and lactation. And it will take good care of your baby’s skin, too. Since Squalane is not a foreign substance for the skin, it is one of the mildest products out there and even anti-allergic. Big plus: it soaks in quickly, leaving no annoying oily film on your or your child’s skin. Especially for dry baby and mommy skin, Squalane helps to strengthen the skin's protective layer, restoring its moisture and keeping it nice, soft, and elastic. A property that is especially helpful for growing tummies to prevent and care for stretch marks as best as possible. 

Let’s get to the point: How to integrate Squalane into your Routine

When it comes to layering, one rule applies: go from thin to thick. That means pure oils are the final step of your skincare routine. Spread about three to five drops of squalane onto your moistened face, and massage it in with gentle motions. If you want to make your day or night cream a little richer, you can add a few drops of squalane to the back of your hand, mix it with a touch of cream and then apply it to your face. For less rich skincare, you can also mix the squalane with a pump of aloe vera gel. Especially for blemished and oily skin, this combination is highly recommended!

After washing your hair, work a few drops of the oil into the lengths of your hair. For finer hair, 2-3 drops are sufficient. For those in the curl club, you probably took a mental note of my Aloe Vera Gel secret already.

For particularly dry winter skin, you can either use the oil on its own for your body or combine it with body lotion. Thirsty summer skin is happy about an extra dose of moisture with the aloe vera gel. Mixed with a few drops of squalane, the moisture penetrates deep into the skin, making it the ideal combination for skincare after days spent in the sun (not without sunscreen, of course).

Squalane – A mediterranean miracle?

Studies on the incidence of cancer have been conducted, which showed that the numbers of cases in the Mediterranean region are significantly lower than, for example, in the American region or Scandinavia. It was also found that in countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece, the risk of developing breast cancer is 65% lower than in the other regions mentioned. The connection with nutrition in these Mediterranean countries is obvious because people take up a daily dose of approx. 200-400 mg Squalene through the consumption of olive oil. This is about 10 times more than in the other countries. Scientists worldwide are therefore discussing the use of squalene as an immunostimulatory therapeutic agent. Based on this, applying squalane from the outside through cosmetics and at the same time taking it in through the consumption of high-quality olive oil is not only good for skin and hair, but also the rest of the body.

The newest addition to your bathroom cabinet!

Squalane is an absolute all-around talent that, thanks to its skin-like structure, has a nourishing effect that can help restore balance and support the skin in its natural functions, especially for oily, dry and blemished skin - one of many reasons to include it in our product family. I would like to specially recommend it to you if your skin is giving you problems. Because for us at JUNGLÜCK, the most important thing is that we all feel good in our skin.



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