Project Eden & Climate-neutrality

Project Eden & Climate-neutrality

Only by acting sustainably, we can be confident that our business is justified. Consumption can be something good and helpful if you approach it the right way. As a company, we not only ensure that junglück is climate-neutral. We are also committed to giving something back through our cooperation with Project Eden.

Hier sieht man einen Plantage von Project Eden in Madagaskar - Junglück


Project Eden is a non-profit organization that is not only committed to climate protection and reforestation, but also works in the region itself for fair salaries and a self-determined perspective for the employees.

The project's goal is to plant a minimum of 100 million trees per year by 2020 and to give several tens of thousands of people in poor regions a fair chance. This concept already serves as a model for other socially motivated climate protection projects and has thus also inspired us to strive to do even more.


By cooperating with the Eden Reforestation Project, we underline our sustainable commitment. For every Junglück product sold, a tree is planted in the northwestern mangroves of Madagascar. Reforestation not only helps to offset CO2 emissions, it provides stability against erosion in the coastlines and thus also improves the health of the ocean and the adjacent coral reefs.


Emissions are inevitable in the production process. However, we want to achieve CO2 neutrality with our company. Therefore, at the end of each successful business year, we make an offset payment in the form of an investment in a sustainable project. Also, JUNGLÜCK donates to the OroVerde Tropical Forest Foundation to compensate to some extent for the CO2 emissions through the natural photosynthesis of the trees.

Regardless of our donations to protect the forests, we are also a climate-neutral company. We have acquired shares (certificates) from climate protection projects equivalent to the determined amount of CO2 emissions. By doing so, we contribute to the realization of projects in India and Kenya.

Besides being a climate-neutral company, we achieve a positive carbon footprint by participating in reforestation projects in Germany, Madagascar, and tropical forests in Latin America and Asia. This way we can ensure that our own CO2 emissions are offset, so that the rise in global warming is curbed, and buying our products feels like a good deed.

With pure products for a clear conscience.

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