Creates a natural, healthy skin protection barrier



Creates a natural, healthy skin protection barrier

  • light oil to strengthen the skin barrier
  • very well tolerated as the skin's own lipid component
  • protects the skin against moisture loss
  • purely vegetable squalane made of 100% olives from Portugal
  • all skin types, especially oily, sensitive & blemish prone skin
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Short Description

Our squalane is purely plant-based, as it is obtained 100% from olives in Portugal. As a natural component of the protective lipid mantle of our skin, squalane is characterized by its high compatibility. That means it is suitable for all skin types. The colorless and odorless oil protects your skin from loss of moisture, strengthens the skin's protective barrier and, thanks to its light and non-greasy consistency, it is also suitable for oily, sensitive, and blemished skin.

With our squalane, you get rich care that strengthens the protective function of your skin - without having to resort to lipid-replenishing oils or creams.

Balanced skin
Combination skin
Dry skin
Oily skin


Use the pipette to apply three to five drops of squalane to your skin and gently massage it in. If you lightly moisten the skin before using the oil, it can be absorbed even better. Thanks to its light texture, it is quickly soaked in and does not leave an oily film.

Personal tip: When I feel that light products are not enough for my skin, I simply mix a pump of aloe vera gel with three to five drops of squalane. This makes my skincare richer, yet light, without having to use an additional cream


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Organic Content: 0,0%
Natural Content: 100,0%

Squalane - Squalane oil 100% from olives - nourishing and protective

FAQs - frequent questions

Squalene or Squalane – What’s the difference?
The substance that occurs in our skin is called squalene. However, it is less suitable for the use in cosmetics, as it is an unsaturated fatty acid and therefore quite reactive. That’s why Squalane is used in cosmetics, because it is stable to oxidation and therefore has a longer shelf life.
Which skin types is the oil suitable for?
The oil is especially suitable for oily, sensitive and blemished skin. The oil may also be suitable for acne-prone skin, as it moisturizes and does not clog pores. Our squalane oil is particularly suitable for the care of delicate baby and stressed pregnancy skin.
What is the oil made of?
Our squalane is purely plant-based and obtained from 100% Portuguese olives.
Application - Pure or in combination?
Since the oil is absorbed extremely quickly and is easily distributed, it can be used on its own. Apply three to five drops to the desired skin area and massage in gently. If the skin is slightly damp, the oil can be absorbed even better. If the skin needs more nourishment, the oil can also be added to the aloe vera gel to provide the skin with richer moisture.
Is the oil also suitable for hair?
Due to its extra-light molecular structure, squalane is easily distributed in the hair and gives a beautiful, healthy shine.
Can I use it without hesitation, even with sensitive skin or allergies?
Since squalane is a natural component of our lipid protective skin layer, it has an anti-allergenic effect and is characterized by its high tolerance. It is therefore also suitable for delicate baby skin and stressed pregnancy skin. If there is any doubt about it, we advise to consult with a doctor.