Vitamin C Serum Sensitive

Gives you a radiant & even complexion

Vitamin C Serum Sensitive
Vitamin C Serum Sensitive
Vitamin C Serum Sensitive
Vitamin C Serum Sensitive

Vitamin C Serum Sensitive

Gives you a radiant & even complexion

  • Mild serum for a natural glow
  • evens out the complexion and ensures an even complexion
  • prevents oxidative stress & light-induced skin ageing
  • with 5% vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside) & cica extract
  • suitable for all skin types
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Short Description

Our Vitamin C Serum Sensitive with 5% of the stable derivative Ascorbyl Glucoside is the ideal serum for your entry into active cosmetics with vitamin C. It evens out your complexion and gives your skin a naturally fresh radiance. It evens out your complexion, reduces redness and gives your skin a naturally fresh radiance. The new serum is a further development of our previous vitamin C serum.

As a further development of our previous Vitamin C serum, its composition offers very high tolerance for your skin, even at 5% application concentration. The stable derivative ascorbyl glucoside is a mild, stabilised form of vitamin C and is only gradually converted directly in the skin to active ascorbic acid. Thus, it works throughout the day instead of releasing its full effect all at once. Ascorbyl glucoside is antioxidant and protects against light-induced skin ageing for a radiant complexion. In addition, the extract from the Indian water navel (Centella Asiatica, Cica for short) provides an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces pimple marks and blotchy redness, for example on the nose and cheeks, for an even complexion. The amino acid arginine makes the skin soft and supple.

If you have little or no experience with active ingredients or if your skin is generally rather sensitive, then the Vitamin C Serum Sensitive is exactly the right choice for you and your skin. Especially if you have previously enjoyed using our mild Vitamin C serum with the same derivative, you can switch to the new application concentration without hesitation.

If you have been using Vitamin C products for some time, even in higher concentrations, and would like the full active ingredient power, then our Vitamin C Serum Intensive with 10% ethyl ascorbic acid is perfect for you.

As this product makes the skin more sensitive to light, we strongly recommend that you wear sunscreen during the day.


Apply the serum in the morning and/or evening after your toner. Put 2-3 drops on your fingertips with the pipette, dab it on your face and massage it in from the inside out. Please avoid direct eye contact.

Personal tip
Applied in the morning, the Vitamin C Serum Sensitive is the perfect combination with your sunscreen, as it boosts the effect of its antioxidant properties and catches free radicals before they can cause damage to your skin.


For a better and more transparent insight into our JUNGLÜCK products, we have listed all ingredients for each product and added plain explanations including the sources of each ingredient.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice* - Organic Aloe Vera Juice - moisturizing and nourishing
Pentylene Glycol - Plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing and preserving
Sodium Citrate - Sodium salt of citric acid - pH value stabilizing
Ascorbyl Glucoside - Stable Vitamin C Derivative - antioxidant, collagen-stimulating, and skin-smoothing
Glycerin* - Organic plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing and nourishing
Propanediol - Plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing and preserving
Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract - Plant-based active ingredient - soothing and regenerating for the skin
Arginine - Amino acid - moisturizing and strengthening the skin barrier
Xanthan Gum - Gelling agent - consistency-giving and moisturizing
Carrageenan - Plant-based thickener - consistency giving and stabilizing
Citric Acid - Citric acid - pH value stabilizing
- * from controlled organic cultivation