Retinal Serum Sensitive

Reduces lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture

Retinal Serum Sensitive
Retinal Serum Sensitive
Retinal Serum Sensitive
Retinal Serum Sensitive
Retinal Serum Sensitive

Retinal Serum Sensitive

Reduces lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture

  • Mild serum to reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Refines the skin texture and ensures an even complexion
  • Stimulates collagen production and accelerates cell renewal
  • With 0.1% liposomal encapsulated retinal and organic blueberry extract
  • Suitable for all skin types, except very dry skin
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Short Description

Our Retinal Serum Sensitive with the first 100% natural and encapsulated retinal effectively reduces lines and wrinkles and ensures a visibly finer and more even complexion. Thanks to the encapsulation technology used, it is particularly gentle on the skin and ideal for starting your well ageing skincare routine with vitamin A.

We use the first retinal of biotechnological origin in our Retinal Serum Sensitive. With 0.1% liposomal encapsulated retinal, it is highly effective and very well tolerated. Retinal is the shortcut to your skin, as it only needs one conversion step to become retinoic acid in the skin. It stimulates the skin's own collagen synthesis and at the same time inhibits the enzyme responsible for collagen degradation. As a result, the collagen scaffold is gradually built up and lines and wrinkles are filled and smoothed. Retinal also visibly refines the appearance of acne scars or coarse skin texture. Retinal has another positive side effect, particularly for skin prone to blemishes, as it regulates sebum production and counteracts clogged pores and spots.

The retinal in our Retinal Serum Sensitive is also liposomally encapsulated. Liposomes, which are double-walled capsules made of hydrophilic and lipophilic particles, are similar in structure to the cell membrane of our skin cells. Inside these capsules, the retinal is transported deep into the skin. This allows the active ingredient to be absorbed even more effectively and gently. Organic blueberry extract also contains many valuable antioxidants and has a high vitamin C content. This gives it an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. This not only protects your skin from oxidative stress, but also has an additional stabilising effect on the oxidation-sensitive retinal.

If you have no or only very limited experience with active vitamin A ingredients, we recommend that you start with just one Retinal product. Introduce the new active ingredient slowly so that your skin can get used to it. Give it at least 6 weeks, as our skin has a renewal cycle of 28 days. If you tolerate Retinal well during this time, you can also combine Retinal Serum Sensitive and Retinal Cream for maximum results. We do not recommend combining it with other retinol or retinal products, as you should always consider the total concentration you are giving your skin.

Retinal is not a typo, but is actually more effective as a separate active ingredient than retinol. Retinol is first converted to retinal in the skin before it becomes the pure form of vitamin A. Retinal only requires a single conversion step for this. This makes it stronger and faster-acting than retinol and is also considered to be better tolerated, as less retinal than retinol is required for the same effect. This prevents the active ingredient from accumulating in the skin and causing irritation.

As this product makes the skin more sensitive to light, we strongly recommend that you use sun protection during the day. You should not apply more intensive serums and active ingredient ampoules one after the other, but separate the products from one another. This applies specifically to the use of AHA peeling, BHA peeling and vitamin C ampoules. 

We advise against using them during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


Apply 2-3 drops of Retinal Serum Sensitive to the face, neck and décolleté in the evening after cleansing and gently massage it in, depending on the familiarisation phase.

As Retinal only requires one conversion step to reach the active form, you should first acclimatise your skin to the active ingredient. You can find the right familiarisation plan for Retinal Serum Sensitive in this table:


Familiarisation phases of 2-3 weeks eachNo experience with Retinal / RetinolExperience with JUNGLÜCK Retinol Cream / Retinol SerumExperience with Retinal / Retinol
Phase 11 evening / week1 evening / weekevery second evening
Phase 21-2 evenings / weekevery second eveningevery second evening
Phase 3every second eveningevery evening 

If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend that you acclimatise your skin to the Retinal Cream before using the serum.

If you tolerate Retinal well in all phases, you can also combine Retinal Cream and Retinal Serum Sensitive for maximum results. We do not recommend combining with other retinol or retinal products, as you should always consider the total concentration you are adding to your skin.


For a better and more transparent insight into our JUNGLÜCK products, we have listed all ingredients for each product and added plain explanations including the sources of each ingredient.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice* - Organic Aloe Vera Juice - moisturizing and nourishing
Glycerin* - Organic plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing and nourishing
Pentylene Glycol - Plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing and preserving
Aqua - Water - Solvent
Propanediol - Plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing and preserving
Fructooligosaccharides - Plant-based moisturizer - moisturizing
Retinal - Retinal (Vitamin A derivative) - regenerating and collagen-stimulating
Lecithin - Plant-based emulsifier - stabilizing and nourishing
Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract - Blueberry extract - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and soothing
Beta Vulgaris Root Extract - Sugar beet extract - antioxidant and moisturizing
Xanthan Gum - Gelling agent - consistency-giving and moisturizing
Potassium Lactate - Potassium salt of lactic acid - moisturizing
Tocopherol - Vitamin E - antioxidant
Sodium Citrate - Sodium salt of citric acid - pH value stabilizing
Lactic Acid - Lactic acid (vegan) - moisturizing and pH-value stabilizing
Citric Acid - Citric acid - pH value stabilizing
Sodium Hydroxide - Base for saponification / caustic soda - pH value stabilizing
- * from controlled organic cultivation