Spatula duo

So you can get the best out of your products.

Spatula duo
Spatula duo
Spatula duo

Spatula duo

So you can get the best out of your products.

  • 2 high-quality spatulas in a set
  • perfect for the creamy residues in your glass bottles
  • are suitable for every bottle from 5 ml to 250 ml
  • made of stainless steel 
  • length 210 mm each
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Short Description

In the meantime, we have received many inquiries how you can get your hands on the valuable leftovers in our glass bottles. Good point, which we took to heart right away. To make sure that you can use even the last bit of cream or gel, we have developed high-quality stainless steel spatulas for you, with which you can get wonderfully into the corners of every bottle. Because they are particularly durable and reusable, you can clean and disinfect the spatulas as often as you like.


The spatulas are made of stainless steel and can be used as often as you like. Be sure to clean the spatulas thoroughly after wiping them off your skin or body and, if necessary, disinfect them before the next use. This keeps germs or old remains away from your favorite products.


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