Retinol cream

Refines your complexion and supports regeneration

Retinol cream
Retinol cream
Retinol cream
Retinol cream
Retinol cream

Retinol cream

Refines your complexion and supports regeneration

  • light moisturising cream for better skin regeneration
  • retinol can reduce lines and wrinkles
  • for an improved and more even complexion
  • gentle Retinyl Palmitate with the equivalent of 0.13% Retinol
  • suitable for oily, blemish prone, mature and combination skin
  • not suitable during pregnancy & breastfeeding
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Short Description

Vitamin A is essential for many metabolic processes and is thus considered vital for our organism. And our skin can also benefit from its valuable properties because it reverses our natural aging process. Retinol applied externally is the strongest form of vitamin A and systematically boosts your cell regeneration while inhibiting the enzyme responsible for collagen degradation. Thus, our retinol cream perfectly takes care of wrinkles, pigmentation spots and provides more elasticity and firmness. It also noticeably regulates sebum production in blemished or acne-prone skin. This means fewer clogged pores, inflammation, and pimples. And your skin texture becomes noticeably finer.

The different forms of retinol

In our cream, we use retinyl palmitate, also known as retinol ester. This is a preliminary stage of the actual retinol. It is converted into active retinol directly in our skin cells through special enzymes. It is therefore particularly gentle to the skin and is considered to be better for more sensitive skin. In our retinol cream, we use the equivalent of 0.13% retinol.

Combination skin
Oily skin


Be patient with yourself and your skin when you start using Retinol for the first time. Give your skin time to get used to the regeneration booster. After about 4 to 12 weeks you can expect visible results. In most cases, your skin will feel great even sooner.
After cleansing in the evening, apply a thin layer of our Junglück Retinol Cream to your face and let it absorb well. In general, retinol is suitable for all skin types.
Caution is advised if you have extremely sensitive skin or pre-existing conditions such as couperose. In this case, we recommend consulting your dermatologist. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should completely avoid retinol products.
When using retinol, it is very important to use additional UV protection. Because of the accelerated renewal of your cells, the upper skin layer is correspondingly young and your skin is therefore much more sensitive to light. Therefore, use a sufficient sun protection factor of at least 30, if not 50. It is best to apply our retinol cream in the evening so that your skin can regenerate optimally overnight.


For a better and more transparent insight into our JUNGLÜCK products, we have listed all ingredients for each product and added plain explanations including the sources of each ingredient.

Organic Content: 59,8%
Natural Content: 99,0%

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride - Neutral oil - caring, strengthens skin barrier
Squalane - Squalane oil - skin's own oil - care and suppleness
Pentylene Glycol - Plant-based moisturizer - preservative effect
Glycerin - Plant-based moisturizer - humectant
Cetearyl Alcohol - Fatty vegetable alcohol - emulsifying and stabilizing
Silica - Silicic acid - matting
Fructooligosaccharides - Multiple fructose sugar - moisturizing
Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate - Emulsifier - skin-caring and stabilizing
Xanthan Gum - Gel former - moisturizer, provides consistency
Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract - Beet root extract - Antioxidant, moisturizing
Retinyl Palmitate - Skin friendly retinol - stimulation of collagen synthesis, regeneration of UV-damaged skin
Butyrospermum Parkii Butter - Shea butter - caring and smoothing
Tocopherol - Vitamin E - antioxidant
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil - Sunflower seed oil - carrier of tocopherol
Sodium Citrate - stabilizes pH-value
Potassium Lactate - Potassium salt - humectant
Citric Acid - Citric Acid - stabilizes pH-value

FAQs - frequent questions

How much retinol (vitamin A) is contained?

Our Retinol Moisturizer has a retinol content of 0.13% and our Retinol Intensive Serum has a retinol content of 0.27%. These percentages seem low at first, but there is a reason for this. On average, 1-1.5 mg of retinol (vitamin A) is already absorbed through food every day, but this does not necessarily benefit skincare. Only an external supply achieves the desired effect. However, a maximum of 2-3 mg should be obtained via external intake (including the amount absorbed through the diet). Otherwise, side effects may occur due to overdose (headaches, nausea, flaky skin, and in the worst cases even liver disease).
But the concentration of retinol in cosmetic products is not regulated by the EU, nor by the German Cosmetics Ordinance. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, however, the additional intake of retinol through serums and creams should be strictly limited. In products for the whole body, such as body lotions, the active ingredient should even be avoided altogether. Up to a concentration of 0.3%, however, a product is completely safe and can be used up to 2 times a day for the face. Our Retinol Serum contains 0.27% so that it can be combined with the Retinol Cream in a joint care routine if required.

Why is Retinyl Palmitate used in Junglück products?

It is very important to us that our products work very well, but at the same time are very skin-friendly and irritations are avoided as much as possible. That is why we use gentle Retinyl Palmitate in our retinol products. Its effectiveness has been proven by studies and, unlike other forms of retinol that are commonly used, it causes less skin irritation, redness, or itchy skin as a result. It is often said that this form of retinol is too weak, but this is not true and has also been disproven by studies. Retinyl Palmitate can effectively fight the signs of aging and stimulate collagen formation.

When is it best to use retinol products?

We recommend using it in the evening, as it takes several hours for retinol to be absorbed, so the product can work best overnight. To do this, simply apply a small amount to the desired, previously cleansed and dried skin areas.

Can I use retinol products during pregnancy?

Please do not use retinol products during pregnancy. This is only a precautionary measure, as oral ingestion of large amounts of vitamin A has been linked to possible birth defects. While it has not yet been proven that skincare products can also have this effect, we think that a certain amount of caution cannot hurt here.

Cream or serum - which should I use?

At Junglück, you will find retinol once in the form of a serum and once as a moisturizing cream. Which one you ultimately choose depends on your preferences. Both products contain effective and skin-friendly Retinyl Palmitate. Our serum contains a slightly higher amount but is still mild. After the serum, you can use another nourishing cream, for example from our Hyaluron series. If you want to keep your skincare routine as short as possible, you can opt for the cream and have two care steps in one.

My skin reacts with irritation/redness, what can I do?

In most cases, the skin is not used to the external supply of new nutrients and needs about 1-2 weeks to be able to process them in a targeted manner. Therefore, the skin may react somewhat irritated to the contained retinol (vitamin A).
If the irritation (depending on the intensity) does not subside after 2 weeks, we recommend stopping the application and contacting us or a dermatologist directly.


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