Protective cover

Protects your favourite product - at home and when you're on the go.

Protective cover
Protective cover
Protective cover

Protective cover

Protects your favourite product - at home and when you're on the go.

  • flexible protective cover with a discreetly integrated pattern
  • made of silicone, which is made entirely without fossil fuels
  • is suitable for all of our 250 ml bottles
  • keeps your bottle from sliding on wet, smooth surfaces
  • secures your bottle from bumps and scratches
  • water-resistant, durable and reusable
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Short Description

Glass instead of plastic. There are many good reasons for using amber glass bottles. In terms of sustainability, they avoid harmful softeners that can be transferred into our products and also provide effective protection against oxidation and UV light. We are aware that glass is heavier than plastic and can sometimes break. Especially in the bathroom, with hard tiles and slippery puddles of water, this is certainly not uncommon. Nevertheless, we do not want to avoid glass. In order to avoid shards and still preserve the aesthetics of our beautiful amber glass bottles, we have added simple protective silicone sleeves to our range. They protect the bottles from impact and give them the necessary grip on smooth surfaces. To avoid confusion, you can see through the recess whether which product you are currently using. Our protective sleeves are available in beige and black.

Why we use silicone?

Unlike other plastics, silicone does not consist of petroleum. It is made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and silicon, which is extracted from sand, for example. Therefore, no fossil fuels are used in the production of silicone. Compared to most types of plastic, it contains no plasticizers and can be exposed to very high and very low temperatures. Silicone is tear-resistant and resistant to UV radiation. According to current knowledge, it is non-toxic and very rarely causes allergies.


Only suitable for the 250 ml bottles.

FAQs - frequent questions

Which bottles are the protective covers suitable for?

Only for the 250 ml bottles.


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