minusgold Set

Protect and regenerate your skin with gentle and natural ingredients.

minusgold Set
minusgold Set

minusgold Set

Protect and regenerate your skin with gentle and natural ingredients.

Das Set "minusgold" besteht aus den junglück Lieblingen von Jaqueline für ihre tägliche Gesichtspflege und beinhaltet:

  • Rosenwasser
  • Retinol Creme
  • Hyaluron Nachtcreme
  • Lippenpflege
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Short Description

The light rosewater spray easily provides face, hair and the whole body with refreshing moisture and has a cleansing effect at the same time.

Retinol applied externally is the strongest form of vitamin A and systematically stimulates your cell regeneration while inhibiting the enzyme responsible for collagen breakdown. As a result, our retinol cream takes perfect care of wrinkles and pigmentation spots, and provides more skin tension and firmness.

Our night cream creates a smooth and even skin appearance. Hyaluronic acid provides our skin with more elasticity and resilience. Thanks to the mix of hyaluronic acid with valuable raw materials such as argan oil and aloe vera, they naturally treat small wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes and counteract a dry skin feeling. The night cream also cares for the skin while you sleep with plenty of moisture and soothes irritations noticeably.

The lip care is the perfect addition to your daily care in the morning and in the evening! An ideal combination of fats and oils, as well as moisturizers ensure soft and healthy lips.

Combination skin
Dry skin
Impure skin
Mature skin
Normal skin
Oily skin


The rose water can be sprayed as a refreshing spray on skin and hair in between. But also as a cleanser the rose water gently removes deposits from the face and décolleté.

The night cream is applied after cleansing. 1-2 pump strokes are usually sufficient for the entire face.

Alternatively, our retinol cream is also suitable as a night care. For this purpose, spread 1-2 pump strokes thinly on the skin and allow to absorb.

The lip care can be applied both in the morning and in the evening. Simply apply a pumping action to the lips with your finger. You will find out the right dosage for you over time! Sometimes the lips need a little more care, sometimes a little less.