Impure skin set

Make your skin glow with the best combination against impure skin.

Impure skin set
Impure skin set
Impure skin set

Impure skin set

Make your skin glow with the best combination against impure skin.

  • especially for blemished skin, pimples, and acne-prone skin
  • noticeably improves the complexion
  • prevents impurities
  • counteracts inflammation
  • caution during pregnancy and lactation (retinol creme)
  • vegan and animal friendly
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Short Description

With this set for impure skin, we would like to offer you a product combination that is precisely tailored to the needs of your skin. Impure skin is usually accompanied by seborrhoea, an overproduction of sebum. To gently remove this sebum from the skin without irritating and drying it out, we recommend our Cleansing Oil. It dissolves the oily film, but also make-up and dirt, while protecting the skin barrier. It thus prevents the skin from becoming oily again. The Vitamin C Serum also counteracts inflammation and its antioxidant properties help to prevent impurities and pimples. As impure skin often shows a lack of moisture and tries to compensate this with an overproduction of sebum, you can counteract this phenomenon with our Hyaluronic Concentrate and refill and stabilise the moisture storage. The Hyaluronic Concentrate is also super light and does not additionally weigh down the skin. To regulate sebum production even further, retinol in the form of our light Retinol Cream is a good choice. Retinol has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antioxidant effect. We use a gentle derivative of retinol, retinyl palmitate. It is particularly suitable for beginners and sensitive skin. Please be careful and do not use retinol during pregnancy and lactation.

Impure skin


Step 1

The Cleansing Oil is the first step in both the morning and evening routine. If two cleansing sessions are too much for you, then you should at least put a lot of emphasis on cleansing in the evening to rid your skin of debris and dirt without leaving any residue.

If you're wearing make-up, put about 3-4 drops of Cleansing Oil on your hand and spread it thoroughly over your dry face. Massage your skin for a while. Emulsify the cleansing oil on your skin with a little water and wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

If you are not wearing make-up, you can also wash your face with water beforehand and apply the cleansing oil to the already damp face and massage it in. Again, rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Step 2

Apply the Vitamin C Serum drop by drop to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. 1-2 drops per area should be enough. Gently spread the serum and pat it in with your fingers.

Step 3

Once the serum is well absorbed, it is the turn of the Hyaluronic concentrate. 1 pump is usually enough for the entire face. Apply the Concentrate thinly and let it absorb well.

Step 4

Use the Retinol Cream preferably in the evening as the last step. Again, 1-2 pumps are enough to spread the cream thinly and evenly over the skin.


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