Dry skin set

With the care set for dry skin you give your skin care from the power of nature.

Dry skin set
Dry skin set

Dry skin set

With the care set for dry skin you give your skin care from the power of nature.

  • especially for dry, lipid-poor skin
  • donates natural and rich fats
  • counteracts flaking and itching
  • pH value 5-6 each
  • vegan and animal friendly
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Short Description

With this set we want to help you get rid of annoying tightness and dry skin. Dry skin usually produces too little sebum. This means it lacks lipids and usually a little moisture at the same time. This is because the lack of lipids also leaves a gap in the skin barrier, so water evaporates more easily on the skin. With the products in this set, we want to help restore the skin barrier and supply your skin with valuable lipids and nutrients.

The vitamin C serum moisturises and protects the skin from external influences and free radicals thanks to its antioxidant effect. The acid mantle is thus supported and the skin's general defence is stabilised. As a result, the skin loses less water and regains its radiance. The Hyaluronic Concentrate provides an even more targeted supply of moisture and counteracts a sallow complexion and fine lines.

The night cream with its plant oils ensures that dry skin is supplied with what it needs: Lipids! The almond oil provides additional support for particularly dry areas.

Dry skin


In the morning after cleansing, start applying the Vitamin C Serum. To do this, spread a few drops on the forehead, cheeks and chin and allow to absorb. Then gently massage in a pumping action of the Hyaluronic Concentrate and allow it to be absorbed well. For dry skin, the Night Cream has also proved to be very effective during the day. Spread 1-2 pumps of the rich cream over the face and/or décolleté. To make your care even richer, you can then massage 2-3 drops of the Almond Oil into your skin. You can also mix it with the night cream and combine two steps. You can simply repeat this routine in the evening after cleansing. Our Cleansing Oil is a great supplement as it does not dry out and yet cleanses the skin thoroughly and gently.


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