Deodorant Spray

Pleasantly and gently refreshes, pampers with the scent of sage

Deodorant Spray
Deodorant Spray
Deodorant Spray
Deodorant Spray

Deodorant Spray

Pleasantly and gently refreshes, pampers with the scent of sage

  • natural deodorant for every day
  • inhibits the formation of odours and has an antibacterial effect
  • moisturizes and cares for the sensitive armpit area
  • with sage oil and Ricinoleic Acid
  • suitable for all skin types
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Short Description

Sweat consists of 99% water. The rest is a few electrolytes, fatty acids and lactates. Fresh sweat is therefore largely odourless. Only when bacteria, which are naturally present on our skin, break down fatty acids an odour develops. We wanted to make our deodorant as natural as possible. That is why we completely avoided aluminium, alcohol and other unnecessary additives. Apart from a fine fragrance, we did not want to do without it in our deodorant. Thanks to zinc ions and sage oil, our purely vegan deodorant is gentle yet effective. In contrast to aluminium, your body can still use the trace element zinc for various metabolic processes. And the sage oil has a disinfecting effect and gives your deodorant a pleasantly fresh sage scent.

Balanced skin
Combination skin
Dry skin
Oily skin


Most people use deodorant in the morning after showering. There is nothing wrong with this, because it does its job well during the day. But did you know that antiperspirants can be even more effective if you apply them before bedtime? Because the sweat glands are not as active overnight, antiperspirants have more time to be absorbed properly. Pretty handy, we think.

Before spraying it on, it's best to shake the deodorant and then apply a few strong sprays under your armpits. Keep a distance of about 15 cm from your skin. This is about half the distance between your elbow and your armpit. Allow the deodorant to penetrate well and repeat the application as needed.


For a better and more transparent insight into our JUNGLÜCK products, we have listed all ingredients for each product and added plain explanations including the sources of each ingredient.

Organic Content: 62,5%
Natural Content: 97,7%

Aqua - Water
Pentylene Glycol - Plant-based moisturizer - preservative effect
Glycerin - Plant-based moisturizer - humectant
Zinc Ricinoleate - Deodorant based on a zinc salt of ricinoleic acid - odor-inhibiting
Betaine - Humectant
Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate - Complexing agent - provides stability
Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate - Emulsifier - moisturizing
Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate - Emulsifier - moisturizing
Sodium Lactate - Lactic acid (vegan, from biotechnological fermentation process) - humectant
Lactic Acid - Lactic acid (vegan, from biotechnological fermentation process) - moisturizing, component of natural moisturizing factor
Salvia Officinalis Oil - Sage oil
Polyglyceryl-3 Cocoate - Moisturizing emulsifier - moisturizing
Polyglyceryl-6 Ricinoleate - Emulsifier from castor oil - moisturizing
Propanediol - Moisturizer with preservative effect
Limonene - Natural component of sage oil
Linalool - Natural component of geranium oil

FAQs - frequent questions

Does the deodorant contain aluminium salts or alcohol?

No, we have specifically decided against these ingredients. Instead, we use zinc ions and fresh sage oil.


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