Dehydrated skin set

Supply your skin with hyaluronic acid and natural moisture.

Dehydrated skin set

Dehydrated skin set

Supply your skin with hyaluronic acid and natural moisture.

  • the set for dehydrated skin
  • supplies the skin with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera
  • for a radiant and plump skin feeling
  • suitable for all skin types
  • pH value 5-6 each
  • vegan and animal friendly
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Short Description

This set is particularly good for dehydrated skin, as it helps to rebalance its moisture balance. All products are very well tolerated and therefore this set is suitable for all skin types.

Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are our moisturising heroes and important ingredients in the care of dehydrated skin. The Aloe Vera spray is one of our all-rounders and is not only an energy supplier for face and body, but also the hair can benefit from the mix of freshness and nutrients. Because dry hair and also sensitive or itchy scalp are soothed and cared for by the spray.

The Hyaluronic Concentrate also comes with a large poriton of hyaluronic acid in various molecular sizes. Thus it moisturises all layers of the skin and at the same time holds the water like a magnet. For a noticeably plumper and more radiant complexion.

To not only moisturise your skin, but also to strengthen it so that it does not lose it so easily in the future, our Hyaluronic Day Cream provides you with valuable argan and squalane oil at the same time. In combination with jojoba oil, the skin is perfectly equipped to regain its balance.

Impure skin
Mature skin
Sensitive skin


Step 1 Apply 3-5 pumps of Aloe Vera Spray to the face. 

Step 2 Thinly apply one stroke of Hyaluronic Concentrate and also allow to absorb well.

Step 3 Then apply 1-2 strokes of the Hyaluronic Day Cream to the face. The décolleté can also be cared for with the Day Cream.

Step 4 The light Jojoba Oil keeps the moisture in the skin and at the same time has a balancing effect, even in the case of impurities. For this purpose, apply 2-3 drops of the oil to the desired areas, or mix directly with the Day Cream. The oil is excellent for the rest of the body and hair.

To complete the routine optimally, we also recommend our Sun Cream.


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