Set Baby's First

Give away moments of well-being for parents and baby

Set Baby's First
Set Baby's First
Set Baby's First

Set Baby's First

Give away moments of well-being for parents and baby

  • gentle care for delicate baby skin
  • perfect combination for a good start into the world
  • natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • without aromatic substances, preservative or silicone
  • vegan and animal friendly
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Short Description

Are you looking for something special to give to new, or soon-to-be parents? Our gift set has something to offer for young and old, which is why it creates very special moments between parents and child. For the little ones, the skincare rituals do not only represent hygiene, but an important time to connect and develop familiarity and comfort.

Our baby bath gently removes dirt with skin-friendly surfactants based on olive oil. Almond oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera (organic) ensure gentle moisturising and thus keep the natural protective layer of delicate baby skin in balance. Valuable calendula extract (organic) has a soothing effect on the skin and cares for it even during the bath.

This mild baby oil is rich in both phytosterols and vitamin E, which is where its antioxidant and nourishing properties stem from. The warming effect also makes it ideal for a soothing baby massage.

On cold and windy days, the baby balm provides a protective layer and sufficiently supplies sensitive baby skin with lipids to withstand the cold. An effect, which older kids and adults benefit from as well. Thanks to their water-free formulation, our baby products do not require any additional preservation and are therefore particularly skin-friendly. Aromatic substances also show an increased allergy potential, which is why we have decided against using them.

A gift that keeps on giving special moments for the whole family!


Baby Bath

Add a small amount to the running bath water. The temperature for your baby bath should not exceed 36-37°C. Spread the emulsion with your hands so that it can dissolve evenly in the water. The optimum bathing time for babies and children is 5-10 minutes.

Baby Oil

Put a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands and warm it up in your hand. Then gently massage it into the baby's skin in circular movements. Even sensitive adult skin will be grateful for the gentle care of our baby oil. During pregnancy or while breastfeeding, your skin is already provided with all-round care.

Baby Balm

Apply a small amount of the balm gently to your baby's face and hands before going outside together. Cream the cheeks especially well. The Balm also provides rich care for particularly dry areas, hands and lips of mummy and daddy.