Baby care set

Soft all-round care for mom and baby.

Baby care set

Baby care set

Soft all-round care for mom and baby.

  • Almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil and aloe vera from controlled organic cultivation provide intensive moisture for the sensitive baby skin
  • Rich in oleic and linoleic acid and vitamin E, the natural barrier function is supported and protected from dehydration
  • Olive oil surfactants clean gently and carefully
  • Marigold extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the regeneration of the skin

  • Leaves the skin soft and smooth

  • Without perfume, conservation, silicones
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Short Description

Delicate baby skin is usually insufficiently supplied with lipids, dries out easily and longs for moisture. The Baby Care Set provides all-round care and creates close moments of well-being for mom and baby.

Our baby bath gently removes dirt with skin-friendly surfactants based on olive oil. Almond oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera from controlled organic cultivation provide a gentle regreasing and thus keep the natural protective layer of the skin in balance. Valuable organic marigold extract has a soothing effect on the skin and already nourishes during the bath.

The mild baby oil is rich in phytosterols and vitamin E, giving it good antioxidant and skin-caring properties. Its warming effect also makes it a suitable aid for a soothing baby massage. The light formulation of our baby lotion is quickly absorbed, soothes and makes gentle baby skin perfectly soft.

On cold and windy days, the baby balm provides a protective layer to keep sensitive skin from losing moisture. It is also suitable for sensitive adult and child skin. Thanks to its water-free formula, our baby balm requires no additional preservation and is therefore exceedingly skin-friendly.

The baby wound cream completes the set perfectly. It is especially useful in the baby's diaper area, in case it gets irritated. The zinc it contains keeps humidity away from the skin and just like the marigold extract, it supports the healing process. Our wound cream helps your child's sensitive skin to calm down and leaves a protective film that also prevents the skin from further irritation..

Baby care


Baby bath

Add a small amount to the running bath water. The temperature for your baby bath should not exceed 36-37°C. Spread the emulsion with your hands so that it can dissolve evenly in the water. The optimal bathing time for babies and children is 5-10 minutes.

Baby oil

Put a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands and warm it a little in there. Then gently massage it into the baby's skin in circular movements. Even sensitive adult skin is happy about the gentle care of our baby oil. Already during pregnancy or while breastfeeding your skin will be provided with all-round care.

Baby lotion 

Put a small amount of the lotion in your hand and gently massage it into your baby's delicate skin. The light lotion is easy to spread over the skin and is absorbed quickly. Of course our lotion also cares for the sensitive skin of children and adults. Suitable for daily use.

Baby balm

Apply a small amount of the balm gently to your baby's face and hands before going outside together. The cheeks should be creamed especially well.

Baby wound cream

After changing the diaper, apply the baby wound cream generously to the affected skin areas. In case of severe redness and open wounds that do not heal after 24-48 hours, we recommend to consult a pediatrician.


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